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The experience of every student is unique, and yet through their distinct voices something that’s the same comes through . . . strength, stability, confidence, happiness, optimism, kindness, and care.

Professionals from the world of education, student supports, mental health, and academic achievement share their observations, assessments, and encouragement for the program to spread and support more students. 

"Without a doubt, young people need the mental skills that enable them to learn, understand themselves, and relate to others as they move toward taking their place in the world as adults. The Inner Strength Teen Program is designed to cultivate these wholesome habits of mind through mindfulness, self-discovery, and engagement with others. Rooted in mindfulness practice, the curriculum is unique in its inclusion of social and cultural history, which offers a particularly important perspective for adolescents who experience its impact on their daily lives. This very accessible program offers an engaging, compassionate, and culturally relevant experience for youth and can be of great value to them at this critically important time in their lives."
Patricia Broderick, Ph.D.
Bennett Pierce Prevention Research
Center Pennsylvania State University
Author of Learning to Breathe
"The Inner Strength Teen Program is an excellent example of how mindfulness is being introduced in education. The program teaches well-researched mindfulness-based methods of self-regulation and compassionate understanding of oneself and others in a way that high school students can easily understand and apply. All of the program elements effectively serve to reinforce how teens can use mindfulness to re-set, be present, and support themselves through their day-to-day ups and downs to find more balance, calm, and perspective. By helping them to respond more mindfully, appropriately, and with kindness to life’s triggers, the students develop an inner strength that can reshape and empower their lives. I highly recommend this program be adopted by as many high schools as possible!"
Scott McBride Clearlight Meditation Center
Scott McBride
Director Clear Light Meditation Center, 20-yr
Sr. Teacher, Penn Program for Mindfulness,
University of Pennsylvania
"Amy Edelstein’s work with our teachers and staff has helped them to remain balanced, healthy, and self-aware. Our teachers and staff learned and practiced mindfulness techniques that not only supported their own well-being, but also that of their students. All in all, Ms. Edelstein’s ability to incorporate mindfulness techniques, along with her wide array of personal experiences, benefitted our staff greatly."
mindfulness videos for teens
Daniel Gofreddo
Assistant Superintendent for Secondary
Education Great Valley School District, Malvern, PA
"Our students definitely benefited from participating in the Inner Strength Teen Mindfulness class. They said that they were glad to practice in school because they might not have done so on their own, and it was a well-needed time to relax during a hectic school day. Some also said that the benefits continued beyond the class period as it helped them to ward off stress and sleep better at night. Many were excited to learn a skill that is useful now and will also be useful in the future."
mindfulness videos for teens
Heather Marcus
Guidance Counselor J.R. Masterman
High School, Philadelphia, PA
"When our school expanded meditation for more students, the results were palpable throughout the school. Students are now calmer, less reactive, and generally seem more content and focused. Many thanks!"
Karen Thomas
Principal Bodine High School for
International Affairs, Philadelphia, PA
"In our incredibly complicated world, it’s good to know that we, as a school, are not only preparing our students academically, but also giving them the tools provided through mindfulness training. Our students report that they are now able to “Stop and take a look at what’s really going on inside."
mindfulness videos for teens
Sydney Bassman
Guidance Counselor Bodine High School
for International Affairs, Philadelphia, PA

"Before this program came to our school, I often felt like breaking down because I would have so much homework and studying to do in such a short amount of time. I felt like I didn’t even have time to just breathe. Then, I learned how taking five minutes every day to focus on my breathing or how my body feels would let me work more efficiently while stressing less."

– Keith, 9th Grade

"By using mindfulness and self-control, I was able to refrain from doing something that would probably affect me badly. I stepped back and realized that it wasn’t worth it."

– Simon, 9th Grade

"Learning about mindfulness made me realize that it can affect one’s personality and actions. It can make a person calmer and think more logically. Learning about developmental perspectives was interesting. I was able to find out why people do certain actions and how teen brains are different from adult brains."

– Karina, 11th Grade

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