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Guided meditations to help you de-stress, find joy, affirm yourself, check your inner weather, and have a good day, everyday!

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Inner Strength instructors created this guide for you, with free resources to help with all kinds of problems - and non-problems. Click to download the guide for support with housing, relationships, grief, identity issues, and also for free wellness and strengthening spots. You are not alone.

teenager meditation

“I used all of the skills that I learned in our classes at home when I got really mad. They taught me to step back and look at my problems so I can analyze them. My emotions aren’t me and I don’t have to feed into them now.”

– Tyrone, 11th Grade

“Meditation has made most of my days better and has better prepared me for the obstacles that have yet to come.”

– China, 10th Grade

"I always think to myself, “Where would I be if I didn’t have meditation?” I’m pretty sure I would be stressing out for no reason and my life would be a mess. Meditation has taught me life lessons I would not have learned anywhere else, meditation is special."

– Peter, 12th Grade

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