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High school students and teachers are carrying an enormous amount of stress. From virtual learning to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we are living in a time of change. Making classrooms places of calm, curiosity, and care is more vital than ever.

Inner Strength supports positive classroom climate with an integrated toolbox incorporating SEL, mindfulness and kindness tools, relationship-building, and the science of brain development & cultural shifts.

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Founded in 2014​

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Start here to learn more about school-based programs and our systems approach to wellbeing.


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New! Back-to-School SEL Resource

Explore & Restore Activity Decks

Mindfulness & SEL Slide Decks for Advisory, Community Meeting
Help your students return to school after a pandemic-year. With theme-based SEL and mindfulness colorful activities, they can process their emotions in a safe space and become ready to learn.  These 24 Slide Decks  help students grow from their experience, socialize with their peers, and find support within themselves and develop affinity with their school community. Used by the Philadelphia School District for all Advisory classes, Explore & Restore Activity Decks are now also  are available for purchase.

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