Mindful Activity Worksheets

Handouts to help you grow your muscles of calm, curiosity, and care

Mindful Activity Worksheets

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Practicing these activities for a few minutes every day can make a real difference in your mood, your ability to dial back anger and frustration, and your sense of well-being.

  • Sound
  • Calm
  • Presence
  • Seeing Freshly
  • Awareness
  • Body
  • Love
  • Breath
  • Thought

Examples of the Activity Handouts:

Have fun! Explore!
Challenge yourself to observe, connect, and grow

We all experience boredom, anger, or worry from time to time. With coronavirus and school online, we don’t have the same support from our teachers and our friends. We have to work a little harder to stay interested and feel optimistic. 

These Activity Handouts will help you:

  • observe how your mind-body-feelings work 
  • learn how to be a scientist of your experience
  • discover how you can observe the world with fresh eyes 
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