Mindful Listening Playlist

Mindful Listening Playlists

When you need those songs that help you breathe, calm down, feel supported and uplifted, try one of these curated playlists from Inner Strength’s team. Do you have favorite songs you think we should include? Send your suggestions!

When You Need A Little Kindness

This playlist includes songs of care to boost your confidence and put some spring in your step when you’re happy. Or listen when you’re feeling a little rough to feel care and love.

Looking In, Reaching High: Songs to Reflect & Inspire

This playlists includes songs that will light your sights and your spirits.

I'll Be There: Friendship Songs

This playlist includes songs of friendship and commitment, listen to honor and strengthen your friendships. Listen to feel supported when you are feeling alone.

When You Need to Let Go

This playlist includes songs to help you let go when you are sad and grieving so you can love and cherish. Or listen when it is time to stop holding on to something that is holding you down. 

Just Breathe

This playlist includes songs about the power of focus and the way the breath calms and centers.

Expand & Feel Some Space

This playlist includes songs about wide open possibilities to expand your horizons so you can explore and discover. Or Listen when you’re feeling boxed in, bored, or at a dead end to find some new possibilities and ways of seeing. 

Being Happy

This playlist includes songs to make you feel happy to be awake and alive!

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