Mindful Listening

Imagine you are experiencing sound for the very first time. Focus your attention on the direct experience of the sound...


Do the sounds have a texture?

Where do they begin and end?

Can you sense the rhythms, tones & melodies?

You can practice mindful listening on the way to school, before bed, or anytime you want to feel focused and grow your curiosity. Explore the playlists and see what you discover!

Explore Sound

Find Spaciousness

Embrace Affirmations

"At the end of the meditation, my whole body is much lighter and my brain doesn’t carry as many thoughts. It’s the same feeling as when I finish running a race. I’m more peaceful and relaxed rather than stressed."

– Alex, 10th Grade

"Everything is connected and building one thing leads to the other. Being mindful of yourself and others leads to kindness."

– Alika, 10th Grade

"With the exposure to the Mindfulness class, we got the chance to clear our mind in a calm and serene environment, giving us time to ponder whatever it is we wanted."

– India, 12th Grade

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