Mindful Visuals

Practicing mindfulness doesn't need to be with our eyes closed.

It can feel good to keep our focus on a beautiful picture or color. 

Use these videos of nature, fire and oceans to help take some space for calm and ease by steading your eyes on the video.

Soothing Visuals

"One thing I learned is that there is more to emotions than we realize and we have the power to control them and understand them in different ways."

– Isaiah, 10th Grade

"As the course progressed, I found myself in a different place than before. I became more relaxed, open-minded, and aware. I no longer stressed as much as I used to and the quality of my work has improved."

– Deja, 12th Grade

"When I meditated I was just calm. My thoughts stopped racing and my body was calm. I realized that when I was calm I could notice things about my mind and body that I had never noticed and my sense of perception improved. I became in tune with myself. Meditation has improved my focus and my ability to understand different perspectives. All in all, meditation had helped me to become an all around better person."

– Zahra, 12th Grade

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