Unleashing Potential Virtual Fundraiser

Unleashing Potential

Virtual Meditation Retreat With Jeff Carreira

A Fundraiser to Benefit Inner Strength Foundation

December 6, 2020

11AM – 4PM
US Eastern Time

Held Via
Video Conference

Potential is the essence of our being

From the moment we are born we have been in an unbroken process of realizing and growing into our higher potentials. Our inner potential is never blocked. It is always available, accessible, vibrant, and ready to burst forth.

But it doesn’t always feel that way. We often feel constrained by life and burdened by our own unrealized potential.
Especially in the times we’re living in, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by practicalities and weighed down by the strife in the world. Realizing our deeper
potentials takes a back seat to simply getting through each day.

The feeling of being overwhelmed by life becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that clips our wings and limits our ability to even try for more.

How Can
Meditation Help?

You might think of meditation as just sitting quietly and wonder how in the world that could possibly unlock your potential.

Meditation is not just sitting quietly–meditation is a way to free yourself from the inner distractions of a tumultuous mind that keep you from realizing your higher capacities. It is a method to release our potential.

Meditation enables you to quiet the demands of the world and find a powerful source of inner strength and insight within yourself.

Most of all, meditation can reveal to you how to live without a gnawing sense of lack. Through meditation, you can experience for yourself a sense of inner fulfillment, just as you are. You can see that you have much more energy, heart, and resilience than you ever dreamed of and meditation can enable you to
unleash that creative potential.

Join us for this special daylong virtual meditation retreat

What will I learn
  • Beginners and experienced meditators will receive easy to follow and potent instructions on how to meditate, what to do about thoughts, and ways to let go of worry.

  • You will experience how to shift your consciousness into a direct and tangible experience of fullness, wholeness, and well-being

  • You will learn to rest in the direct awareness of your own unlimited potential, leading you to realize that place inside you that is always peaceful and fulfilled.
Who is our instructor?

Jeff Carreira has been teaching meditation and transformational philosophy for decades around the world. He is masterful at helping people to shift into a
liberated state of consciousness and realize their own extraordinary capacity for insight and love.

Jeff’s method, “The practice of No Problem,” shows you how to let all the challenges of life be as they are, without struggle, in order to realize your own access to the boundless energy and inspiration that lies beyond the sense that something is wrong.

Once you discover your inner resources, you will be fueled by an inexhaustible source of creativity that will allow you to meet the challenges of the world. You will see new perspectives that can lead to unanticipated solutions. And you will be filled with a deep sense of compassion, generosity, and gratitude. If you feel an urgent desire to unlock your own potential and bring more goodness and love into this world, this meditation retreat is for you.


11AM – 1PM
First Session with Jeff Carreira
1PM – 2PM
Lunch Break
2PM – 4PM
Second Session with Jeff Carreira
The sessions will include instruction, meditation practice, and plenty of time for question and answer.

Help Teens While You Help Yourself

100% of your tuition for this retreat will be used to support the wellbeing of young people in the Philadelphia school system

Each registration will allow three teenagers in the Philadelphia public schools to be trained in the Inner Strength System, a special 12-week mindfulness and systems thinking empowerment program.

Teenagers are under enormous pressure right now with social distancing online learning, and the call for greater equity in our culture. If you feel moved to support them, this is a wonderful and uplifting way to help.

Suggested donation: $100

We recognize that these are challenging economic times for many.
We welcome everyone who would like to attend the retreat. If needed,
you may register to attend under sliding scale, Pay As You Can. 

Thank you from the director
of The Inner Strength Foundation

Thank you for your interest in unlocking your potential And thank you for your generous support of our city’s teens.

Teens are at a critical stage of development. The values, habits, and tools they establish now will guide them the rest of their lives. Your registration directly helps us give adolescents tools to be responsible, reflective, and resilient young adults.

This year more than 2,000 high school students will be participating in the Inner Strength 3-month program, learning about mindful contemplation, the nature of thought, how to cultivate a posture of generosity, love, and kindness, and how their brains and our shared culture have evolved.

What better way to help the next generation develop the skills and outlook they need to become the wise and compassionate leaders of tomorrow?

About Inner Strength Foundation

Inner Strength (ISF) was established in 2014 to foster inner strength for stability in today’s youth. ISF programs help high school students and their teachers learn life-long well-being habits through the CASEL-recommended Inner Strength Teen Program and teacher professional development programs that reduce secondary stress and improve school climate. We believe that realizing the promise of our shared future rests on supporting the youth of today to become curious, caring, and creative leaders of tomorrow.

Cancellation Policy

Your registration is a direct donation to Inner Strength Foundation and is processed as such. If you would like to withdraw your donation, please contact admin AT
and we will assist you with the process.

Is My Donation Tax Deductable?
Yes! Your entire registration and any additional donation is entirely tax-deductible. If you would like to donate from a Donor Advised Fund, you may send a check or transfer to Urban Affairs Coalition, Fiscal Agent for Inner Strength Foundation, Attn. Lee Wall. 1207 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

What Will My Donation
Be Used For?

100% of your donation will go towards this year’s work with teens in Philadelphia public high schools. More than 90% of these students come from families of poverty. That’s an income of less than $24,00/year for a family of four.
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