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– Eric, 12th Grade

“I began to understand how meditation was not just sitting and closing your eyes, but also another way to explore the deep realms of the brain. It dawned upon me that it was a way

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– Nora, 12th Grade

“I will take meditation and the developmental perspective with me to college because the ideas and practices that come with them have helped me develop a better self.”

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– Makayla, 10th Grade

I learned about being mindful in multiple settings and how to get into a mindfulness mindset. I enjoyed learning a tool that I can use outside the classroom and help me in multiple ways.

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– Ava, 10th Grade

I found it quite helpful to learn how to regulate my emotions. Being encouraged to journal my emotions is something I’ve tried to put myself into more of a habit of because I find it

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– Hiroku, 12th Grade

The mindfulness program helped me learn the importance of being present in the moment, reducing stress and anxiety, and increasing gratitude and happiness. Examples of techniques that helped me include meditation, deep breathing, and guided

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