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– Tyrone, 11th Grade

“I used all of the skills that I learned in our classes at home when I got really mad. They taught me to step back and look at my problems so I can analyze them.

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– Peter, 12th Grade

“I always think to myself, “Where would I be if I didn’t have meditation?” I’m pretty sure I would be stressing out for no reason and my life would be a mess. Meditation has taught

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– Juanita, 11th Grade

Inner Strength helped me fully express my thoughts using words. I learned how to organize my thoughts. I liked how all the lessons were very realistic and interactive.

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– Jordan, 9th Grade

I liked learning about how the human brain works and what parts of the brain tie into certain parts of thinking and how we operate. It helped me learn about myself.

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– Noah, 11th Grade

I learned how to be more self aware and productive with my thoughts. We as people don’t realize how fast our thoughts are and acknowledging them instead of avoiding them is what can bring peace.

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– Savannah, 11th Grade

I realized that every experience you have in life can later create wisdom. Worrying less about struggles that you face makes you appreciate life more and just live in the present moment. It makes you

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– Nasirah, 9th Grade

I learned how to calm myself down through breathing if I ever get anxious, angry, or overall bothered. For example, if I have to present and I’m nervous I use the mindfulness practice of breathing,

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– Alvin, 12th Grade

I learned about myself and others. For example, at home whenever I see one of my family members acting a certain way I try to trace back to what may have caused them to act

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