Welcome America

Welcome America!

Enjoy mindfulness resources to help you and your family have a healthy and happy summer!

Mindfulness audio

Spread Love & Care

Even though we haven’t been able to spend as much time with our loved ones recently as we might have liked, we can still send wishes of love and care to them, opening our hearts, and helping us feel connected. As recent brain science has shown, this mindfulness exercise can help support healthy brain growth in the part of the brain that feels love and connection to others.

Looking for activities for pre-teens and teens? Click here for the free COVID-19 mindfulness activity program, filled with 9 colorful illustrated handouts including guided mindfulness audios, reflection and exploration games, and mindful movement yoga-based routines. 

Want to do more self-care? Not sure how to begin? Download this free toolkit and be inspired to help yourself restore!
Mindfulness audio

Good night, sleep tight!

A fun guided meditation to help you put your rambunctious children (and your over-energetic self) to sleep. This guided mindfulness activity relaxes your muscles from feet to head, letting each muscle let go of the day’s activities. It helps muscles release tensions and prepare for better rest. Chances are, sleep will come before the very end.

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