Bridging Ideas and Application in Education Design
Big picture & on the ground future of education planning
by Inner Strength

The Conscious Classroom podcast’s latest episode, hosted by Amy Edelstein, explores the realms of educational design, where visionary ideas often need bridging to be applicable with the practical challenges of classroom application. Edelstein’s discussion delves into the two crucial levels of education design—conceptual design and program delivery. She sheds light on the importance of merging these two to create a holistic educational system that sets long-term goals and also attends to the immediate needs of real world classrooms, teachers, and students.

In the episode, Amy emphasizes the transformative effects of systems thinking and mindfulness in fostering collaborative understanding within educational spaces. By conducting a simple yet effective continuum exercise, she demonstrates how diverse perspectives within any group can reveal the commonalities that ultimately connect us all. This exercise illustrates the power of recognizing a unified approach to problem-solving and decision-making.

The episode goes further to explain how experiential systems thinking activities can imbue a visceral understanding of the interconnectedness of all parts within a system. These activities encourage stakeholders to move beyond their immediate concerns and consider upstream levers of change that can lead to more effective educational reforms.

The conversation also covers the role of mindfulness in cultivating a broader awareness and peripheral vision, enabling individuals to discern new possibilities and learn from the collective whole. Amy illustrates how mindfulness practices can sharpen our field of vision, allowing us to see beyond our habitual thought patterns and recognize opportunities for change.

Drawing us into a contemplation of our place within the larger ecosystem, whether it be a classroom, a school, or the global environment. Amy urges listeners to resist the fragmentation of our times and embrace our role as part of a complex, unified system. She highlights the importance of instilling in students a framework to handle complexity and maintain a sense of connection amidst a world of apparent divisions.

Listen to this episode here – enjoy, rich with insights for educators, students, and anyone passionate about the future of learning.

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