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We are so happy to be back in the classroom after the long summer hiatus. This Fall, we are working with students at Bartram, Bodine, Carver, Central, Furness, GAMP, and Lankenau High Schools. We are happy to welcome two new instructors Jenna Kelly and Gabrielle McNichol , who are teaming up with experienced teachers as they bring their skills and teach the Inner Strength Teen Program in schools for the first time. We’re putting more emphasis on our core themes of positive self-regard, care and kindness towards self and other, a forward looking outlook that recognizes greater possibility by seeing one’s own strength and inner resources. Emphasizing students learning to lead practices and teach each other, and our updated work on our mobile app, this semester is adding some great refinements while also staying true to our core values. It is great to see the deepening of the work and the enthusiasm to impart as much as we can every lesson. We are also continuing and refining our programming at The Chill Spot, the drop in space at Bartram High School for students to re-set, decompress, explore and learn Inner Strength tools. This year, led by Amelia Mraz, will build on last year’s momentum and bring more structure as well as a peer mentoring model. Stay tuned for updates on the good work!

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