Students Revitalize Chill Spot Decor

The Chill Spot, is a brave space spearheaded by Strength and Stability Instructor and Coordinator Jai Thompson and Director of Grant Administration and Communications, Alyson Showell LaPorta. The space teaches mindfulness tools to teens most impacted by gun-violence in a way that is responsive to the lives these students live.

A typical day at the Chill Spot can look like mindful art workshops, discussion groups, or in this case, redecorating. Last Friday, Chill Spot students and Bartram honor students collaborated to revitalize the space. With brightly colored chalkboard trim, artwork, origami sculptures and construction paper, students made the space feel completely new.

Students and Strength and Stability staff bonded over sharing vision ideas for the space, chowing down on pizza (courtesy of Assistant Principal Reed), and attention and memory games like Zip-Zap-Zop and And So….

The following week, Chill Spot regular attendees were so impressed with the changes, they spent hours working on origami structures to hang around the room.

[Images top-left to bottom-right] (1) Strength and Stability Instructors Amelia (right) and Neanta (left) take a quick photo during the decoration process. (2) Strength and Stability Instructor and Program Coordinator Jai (left), directs students. (3) Student carefully staples brightly colored construction paper to a board. (4) The finished product of the Chill Spot welcome board. 
Help us raise $500 to purchase art supplies, mindfulness games and activities, and some additional decor materials for The Chill Spot.


The students THANK YOU!

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