We’re Going Instagram Live!

Earlier this month, Madison Wagner and I embarked on a fun, new (for us) way to share the great work of Inner Strength. We went live! Specifically, Instagram Live. Don’t worry if you missed it, because the good news is that we’ll be doing these every week! Every Friday at 1pm, we’ll spend 15 -30 minutes engaging with all of you. We’re excited that you’ll get to know us on a whole new level!


We’ll share the latest Inner Strength news – from what’s happening in our 70 classes this semester, to meeting some of our teachers, to community connection opportunities. That’s not all! We’ll also dive deeper into the mission of Inner Strength. We’ll look at the latest evidence-based research, chat about how to use mindfulness in our lived experiences, practice together, and so much more. 


We also want a chance to get to know you and address topics that are important in your lives. It’s critical for us to stay connected and informed, and we feel that a weekly Instagram Live session is a great way to do that. 


Do you have ideas about content that you’d like to see? 


Email us at admin@innerstrengtheducation.org, tag us on Facebook and Instagram, or “at” us on Twitter. 


And don’t forget to join the Inner Strength community by signing up for our newsletter. We’re looking forward to going on this journey together!

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