COVID-19: Self Care & Discovering Positivity
COVID-19: Self Care & Discovering Positivity

Resistance and frustration is an inevitable human reaction to the stressful conditions we are living in. We can learn to allow, observe, and be with our responses as they are, without creating more tension or negative self judgment. Self care means treating ourselves with kindness, learning how to be gentle when needed and how to turn our minds away from thought patterns that sap our vitality and well-being. 

Working with tools such as breath, body scan, or love & kindness all affect different parts of the brain and produce different long term changes if we keep practicing. We’ll touch on what creates changes in our state experience and what leads to lasting effects or changes in our personality traits. We will also look at conditioned guilt or habit of minimizing positivity in order to seem more “empathetic” and consider the value and importance of accessing the irrepressible positivity of life. 

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