Learn to Teach Mindfulness to Teens

This time last year, a lot of teachers were doing what you do best: they were in a classroom engaging with their students, teaching them, guiding them, empowering them, and helping them to cement skills that would support academic success and personal growth. They were passionate about what they were doing. They were motivated. Their students were motivated. Everyone was dialed in. As the kids would say, everything was gucci. (Apparently that means good. Thank you, internet.)

And now? Saying that things are different would probably be the understatement of the year. These days, teachers are trying to do all those amazing things that we just mentioned, but it’s really difficult isn’t it? So if you are one of those teachers, what can you do? Do you need some new strategies, insight, expert advice, and a supportive community?  

For example, do you find yourself spending too much time coaxing students to learn, encouraging them to maybe please consider turning their cameras on, and too much time disciplining? Well, maybe it’s time to pivot and throw in some calming and community building techniques. Or how about helping your students to dial back anxiety and anger?

Every year, we host a teacher training to empower people just like you to bring the tools of mindfulness into the classroom. Our annual Foundations of Mindfulness in the Classroom begins soon, April 3!

Mindfulness isn’t just a buzzword, or a fad. It helps students who are struggling with worry, anxiousness, and negative self-talk. And in this 8-week training, you’ll learn how to share these practices with students. You’ll also learn the science behind why it works, and why it’s so beneficial in the classroom (and beyond).

You don’t have to be a classroom teacher to benefit from Foundations of Mindfulness. If you have teens in your life, or work as a therapist, counselor, doctor, favorite Aunt or Uncle, or any other role that gives you the opportunity to share empowerment tools with you, this program will give you a lot to work with. 

Interested? Find out more here: www.theconsciousclassroom.com/p/foundations-of-mindfulness

Remember, this course is only offered once a year, and registration closes in 2 weeks!

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