Where Would I Be If I Didn’t Have Meditation?

Peter B., Student, 17 years

I am planning to bring meditation and developmental perspective with me to college because I feel as though it will help me become a stable person while I go through stressful times. Meditation has helped me to become more at peace with myself, and has made me appreciate myself more often. Before Meditation I would always get down on myself very fast when things did not go my way. Meditation has taught me to focus, and to not panic at the situation at hand but always attack the situation in a different way. I play ice hockey and I remember there was a time when things weren’t going my way so after the game I used meditation to forget about the game and start off fresh. I plan to use meditation not only to help me with sports, but also to use it in all of the stressful situations that I encounter. I feel as though I will strongly benefit from meditation because not only do I grow from it mentally, but also it helps me grow as a person. I always think to myself, “where would I be if I didn’t have meditation?” I’m pretty sure I would be stressing out for no reason, and my life would be a mess. Meditation as taught me life lessons which I would not have learned anywhere else. Meditation is special.

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