Wherever You Go, There You Are

Student, 17 years

I will take meditation and the developmental perspective with me to college because the ideas and practices that come with them have helped me develop a better self. Over the time that I have participated in the mindfulness classes, I have developed a better sense of focus and awareness. Before having the class, I remember having difficulties with organization, focus, and self-awareness. This resulted in stressful nights and difficulty completing tasks in a timely, organized manner. The meditation classes were able to help me change this. I learned to use the different types of meditation to become more focused and aware, not only of myself, but of people around me and the environment in general. As the course progressed, I found myself in a different place than before. I became more relaxed, open minded, and aware. I no longer stressed as much as I used to, and the quality of my work has improved. Now, whenever I find myself in a difficult situation, I take some time to meditate to clear my mind, think over the situation, and find a rational solution. I plan to continue meditating through college to help me get used to the new environment and find myself a home in it.

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