COVID-19: Building Capacity, Let the Lima Bean Grow
COVID-19: Building Capacity, Let the Lima Bean Grow

In this episode of special support for educators during the time of school closures looks at how we build our inner capacity so we have a little more strength. Our inner systems feel like they have very little give right now. How do we create a little more space for all the frustration? We’ll talk about expanding our context, deepening our understanding of interconnectivity and using awareness to focus. By expanding our context, we’ll look at the miracle of how our world came into being, the beautiful evolutionary story. We’ll also explore interconnectivity, how everything emerged from something else and how if you trace back far enough you can see that none of us are actually isolated and separate from everything else around us. It doesn’t mean we won’t keep missing the people we love, we are social beings, but we will see that we are deeply interconnected. In two long guided contemplative practices, we’ll look at how to cultivate ease by being patient, even if we believe we are not very good at letting go. 

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