Happy New Year from Inner Strength

As we lean forward into the uncharted year ahead we send you all good wishes from all of us at Inner Strength. We value our connection with you and look forward to deepening it in the year ahead. 

Be of good health and good spirits, and take this wish from our hearts to yours,




May you carry the momentum of all the generosity,

humor, passion and love

from this past year into the next.


May you be showered with unexpected connections,

new friendships and chance meetings

to warm your heart and uplift your spirits.


May you find your feet tapping to happy beats

May sweet harmonies relax your being

and may kind words soothe your soul from the inside out.


May you be filled with passion and inspiration

to grow, become, and discover

And may your reaching to make the impossible possible

give you great strength and great joy.


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