Today is a big day for non-profits around the world. We all have our organizational favorites we donate to, I do too. And I love to give to them on this day and help everyone feel that we live in a world filled with people who care.


This is so important to teens like C.T. who says, “Using the app makes me feel connected. I love that people thought about what we, as teens, need and made something like this just for us.  I really like the Body Scan exercise. It helps me to be aware of the things that are happening in my body. Plus, my body ALWAYS hurts from sitting at my desk and doing school and work, so mindful movement gives me a chance to stretch. I’m grateful that someone thought of this.”


Inner Strength empowers youth with tools to light up their hearts and put sparkle in their eyes. 


Teens are our future leaders. They bring curiosity, ambition, creativity, resilience, intelligence, and insight in their dreams and in their actions.  They exhibit more care for others than previous generations and they have embraced technology and created new economies and new ways of living. But they also need guidance and foundational tools that can enhance these positive assets and set them on a lifelong path to success in its many forms. 


Today, on the biggest giving day of the year, we invite you to be a part of their foundation and contribute to their guidance and empowerment by supporting Inner Strength Vibe, our teen mindfulness mobile app.


This powerful technology helps teens to keep their compasses pointed in the right direction, while having a little fun at the same time. They have access to tools  that empower them to self-improve, self-regulate and reduce stress and trauma-related mental challenges. That’s critical in a normal environment, but during a pandemic? It’s crucial.


Inner Strength Vibe helps teens to cultivate a daily practice by encouraging them to become aware of their moods, triggers, thoughts, feelings and emotions; experience different meditation activities (including mindful movement); and explore various topics such as culture change, brain evolution, teenage stress,  and relationships. And that’s not all! They can even listen to guided meditations and write short journal entries. Students are also able to connect with each other outside of the classroom, building a climate of positive peer-support and a sense of community. 


So throughout the day, we hope that you will join us for this monumental opportunity to uplift a vulnerable population and #ShowYourAppreciation by giving a gift that makes accessing mental health supports as easy as…opening an app.

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