Student, 18 years

My first year of the course was different from my second year of the course. My first year of the course, I could not concentrate and would get distracted by my surroundings easily. I could not develop my thoughts or control the thought that was coming to my brain. My body was stiff and I could not relax on the quiet atmosphere. I was more aware of the noises and the sound when the people talked. When I heard the talking, I could not stop my curiosity and I would open my eyes to see if anything was happening.  My second year of the course,  I was able to meditate and guide myself through the meditation without the instruction. I could now focus and concentrate once I was in the mode where my whole body was relaxing. I could sense the way that I was breathing from my nose. I could avoid thinking the negatives thoughts and focus on the positive thoughts. At the end of the meditation, I knew that my whole body was much lighter and my brain did not carry as many thoughts. It was the same feeling as if I had finished running a race. I am more peaceful and relaxed rather than having stress. I feel like I understand my body better. For example, I know when my mind needs a rest.

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