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Inner Strength programs are going into this year strong

Today I finally put the finishing touches on our Fall Inner Strength teaching schedule. Even as I was sending out the confirmations, two schools called to see if we could accommodate them too. It’s so heartening to connect with inspired teachers, counselors, and principals who are determined to liberate the potential of their students.

Philadelphia is committed to becoming the first “trauma-informed” city. What that means is that there is a large educational outreach initiative that is changing how the city works.

This includes:

  • The District Attorney’s office improving the way individuals in the justice system and victims of crime are treated.
  • Public schools adding re-set rooms and stress reduction supports through a variety of initiatives.
  • Panels and day-long trainings offered at no cost on teen mental health, trauma-informed brain supports and other techniques.

And that’s just to mention 3.back to school

At Inner Strength we are both conducting Secondary Trauma workshops for teachers, mentors, and staff to alleviate some of that stress and we’re also availing ourselves of the trainings offered so that we all cross-pollinate and learn the best of the science and supports to share with our students.

I’m inspired.

We are going into this year strong, with an emphasis on enhancing our foundational systems so we can meet the expanding need, work more collaboratively with the classroom teachers, and spend more time sharing what works in as many ways as we can.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support. You make it possible for us to reach more than 1900 teens this school year.

Oh, and did I tell you were are expanding? Inner Strength trained instructors will be offering programs in Vermont and in Wyoming this semester!

If you are interested in bringing Inner Strength to your school district, see details about our teen program here.

NEW: Monthly Conscious Classroom Webinars with Amy Edelstein

Each month in The Conscious Classroom Webinar, Amy will share reflections on what is working in classrooms where the Inner Strength program is serving several thousand teens each year. In these webinar sessions you’ll learn tools and perspectives that will support you and the teens you teach or mentor or parent. RSVP here to attend the free Monthly Webinar.

Coming up:
Thurs. October 18 at 2:00 pm US ET
October Webinar Topic:
What Is Racial Literacy? As mindful educators, why is this so important for us to understand?


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